About us


PhoneLabs originated in the ASMS which has a strong commitment to student-led learning. It was developed by Sivam Krish with the support of Susan Hyde (Principal ASMS) and Glenys Thomson (Deputy Principal ASMS)  who obtained our first funding from TeachSA .We also were supported by a flash grant from the Shuttleworth Foundation to take PhoneLabs to a few schools worldwide.

PhoneLabs is now managed by Sensibility Pty Ltd.

Our current focus is on our GoMicro Phone Microscopes.

PhoneLabs is fortunate to have excellent interns

Sam Dring

Sam Dring

Sam developed out tracking apps as part of his internship program at UniSA.

Sanjay Chelliah

Sanjay Chelliah

Sanjay developed our 3D printed Labenoset as part of in internship in UniSA

Peter Smith

Peter Smith

Peter developed out sound and frequency apps s as part of his internship program at TafeSA.

Rayan McNab

Rayan McNab

Rayan developed physics games apps as part of his internship at TafeSA.

We knowledge the support of :


Shane Bevin (Graphic Design & User Interface)

Sandy Walker (Component Design)


Tom Anderson (Web Apps)


Matt Richards

Paul Gardner