Our First Meet-Up


It was a pleasure to meet up with our initial team:  “Fire Starters ” as Glenys called them – those who will take back to their schools the possibilities that we met to discuss. The level of interest and engagement quickly manifested in questions like “What do we do next ? ” and “How should we run this in our school ?” I wish we knew the answers, I guess that is why we met.

A few realizations

  • We don’t need to convince this group of the merits of PhoneLabs – they were sold on it and that is why they came
  • Most were in total agreement in platform, language choice and development strategy
  • Every School is different. We cannot run the program the same way in every school
  • We need to share the successes and failures in our approach to introduce PhoneLabs into schools
  • The initial participation needs to be with a small group of interested students
  • We need to get the apps that we have developed into the classrooms to convince others in the school of its value
  • Programming is soon going to be taught in schools across Australia and PhoneLabs could be a way of doing it
  • There is a demand for apps that can be used in labs. Plenty of experiments can be carried out with freely available sensor based apps. We need to compile these possibilities
  • We need to build an Online Community to discuss issues, share links and experiences across schools
  • We need more Seed Apps

Looking forward to staying connected and working with this enthusiastic community.