Kids love PhoneLabs

We were happy to participate in the Adelaide Mini Maker Fair. The maker community here in Adelaide is now coming together to share and support the act of making. The event was held at Tonsley, the re-furnished Mitsubishi car plant – signaling the end of the manufacturing era in South Australia and perhaps, the birth of a new era led not by corporations that are in decline but by individuals who accidentally create value – makers like those hippies,  like Steve Jobs.

We had the chance to interest a wide range of people in PhoneLabs, from retired engineers to toddlers and even characters from Star Wars. We even met a gentleman who programmed computers in 1965,  not very far from the exhibition ground. All of them were fascinated by what we are up to. Most importantly, we met many kids, who kept their parents waiting – until they finished playing. We have most certainly made physics engaging.


“Let’s destroy all decrepit labs, ” said Dalek


We learned that we don’t need light sources for image tracking. Kids started waving their hands in front of the camera and tracking their palms. We also learned that direct sunlight confused the camera as light levels changed continuously.

Phone or Teacher?

We asked a good 30 kids this very simple question. “What if you had a choice of learning Physics with a teacher, or learn Physics from your Phone”. Can you guess the answer?

It was a 100% vote for the Phone.