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The things that I liked the most about the internship was the welcoming workplace culture, the people I work with, and the opportunities that came along with it. I was always working on a lot of different projects which were both rewarding and challenging. I was constantly encouraged to think creatively and come up with unique solutions. My favourite experience was building and presenting a workshop about physics to Immanuel College - it definitely took me out of my comfort zone and I learned a lot of new things. - Justin Lee (former intern from the Unvieristy of Adealide)

Only for interns who value start-up experience with rich learning opportunities and the challenges that come with it.  We are currently accepting interns whose experience is counted towards their course requirements. All our current internships are unpaid.



Alice Moyle

PhoneLabs is as invested in developing its interns as it is in teaching maths and science.

I was able to drastically improve my design techniques and rapid prototyping methods through an exciting design project. I am proud of what we were able to achieve in such a short time.

Justin Lee

PhoneLabs is definitely a great place to spend your time at.

Aside from technical knowledge, I picked up a lot of soft skills from working at PhoneLabs that will be applicable in all workplaces, including communication, management and teamwork skills.

Minnan Wang

PhoneLabs internship gave me the opportunity to develop my communication and team work skills. 

Last but not least, I learned never to be afraid of trying, because sometimes a little imagination may change everything.


Engineering  /  Physics / Maths / Education

If you are completing a diploma or degree in  Engineering, Science, or Education you may find value in participating in one of the following projects:

  1. Recreating existing physics and engineering experiments to PhoneLab experiments
  2. Creating an experimental challenge using 3D-printed kits
  3. Training students/teachers and lectures in PhoneLabs
  4. Create physics and engineering challenges and documenting them

In each of these projects, you will have the opportunity to develop your R&D skills and also develop one of your projects. You will also be expected to work on multiple projects.

Computer Science / Programming

Most of our apps are web apps written in JavaScript. Our development work is done in p5.js and OpenCV. We have the following projects:

  1. Develop Android or iOS apps based on our current web apps
  2. Continuing development of our Javascript apps, eventually moving to open source
  3. Developing an Image Processing app to create stunning images for use with our Phone Microscopes

Journalism / Social Media / Documentary/ Science Communication

PhoneLabs is developing a significant presence on Facebook where we are enjoying some early success in making STEM education meaningful and engaging. Please take a look our PhoneLabs Facebook page and our 60x Facebook page. We have just finished a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

Our Facebook videos have logged thousands of views. We plan to create a series of inspiring videos and documentaries. This opportunity is for those who are interested in how social media can be used to introduce game-changing approaches to a global audience.

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