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Coolness Recognized

There is nothing spectacular about our acceleration app. It logs acceleration and other sensor data through web pages. But what it is going to enable is the more interesting part. Every Kid can now have a lab that is significantly better than what is locked away in their school labs.

To push the limits of what’s possible on phones…..

Google’s Android Experiments Site is set up to do just that. We are honoured to be selected and to be featured within a collection of apps that exude coolness. We developed this app in Processing which makes transporting to Android phones easy. There are tons of sensor apps in iStore and Google Play, but ours is not an app. It is a web page and that is what is cool about it.  No download is necessary.

Making this app run in different devices (tablets, PCs and mobile phones) was not easy. The credit for this goes to Waheed Iqbal, Hamza and Tom Anderson The UI design was by Shane Bevin. Thanks to my boy Ahilan for whipping up the video.