An app we are proud of

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This is the first of our series of Web-based Lab Apps that will work on any HTML5 Browser. Please try it out: It records data, plots it online and as a bonus can also email the data in Excel format with a pre-plotted graph. This app should reduce acceleration based lab times by about 1/3 […]

End of year PhoneLabs party: 5th Dec

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We had a wonderful year PhoneLabs has progressed beyond our expectations in terms of support, funding, and team. It’s time for us to get together, have an end of year chat and discuss our future plans. We admit here, that our plans have changed – but for the better. We are now poised to work with every student […]

New York New York – how silly can you be ?

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I did not know that phones were banned in schools in NY.  The US is a strange place indeed.   This is news that you may want to read: “New York City’s public school district is gearing up to scrap a controversial policy forbidding its 1.1 million students from having cellphones on campus. The thing […]

Open Day : 18th Sept 3:30 to 5:00 @ ASMS

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          We are very much looking forward demonstrating and discussing with you: Our first Lab Apps 3D Printed lab equipment Student demos – what they are doing with the LabApps Before we get PhoneLabs rolling in schools across SA, we look forward to sharing our plans and exploring the unimaginable possibilities […]

Our First Meet-Up

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It was a pleasure to meet up with our initial team:  “Fire Starters ” as Glenys called them – those who will take back to their schools the possibilities that we met to discuss. The level of interest and engagement quickly manifested in questions like “What do we do next ? ” and “How should […]

PhoneLabs gets funded

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PhoneLabs born out of an initiative to transform science education within the Australian Science and Mathematics School (ASMS) under the leadership of its principal Susan Hyde. We have now obtained funding from TeachSA for its development. It will be chaired by the Deputy Principle of ASMS Glenys Thomson and will be managed by Sivam Krish. […]