A bit of South Australian Sunshine

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  It is winter here in South Australia and mornings are nice, particularly for startup companies enjoying a bit of sunshine. We just won the startup of the year, iAward. The AIIA iAwards are the premier awards program for innovation in the Australian digital economy. It was a  total surprise. South Australia, home to only […]

Design Entrepreneurial Award

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We have been selected as a Finalist for the Design Entrepreneurial Award in Sydney. This was our pitch as to why we should win this award. “Kids can now see in their phones, things that they struggle to understand, changing the way kids learn STEM – globally. PhoneLabs is an open source advanced manufacturing project, demonstrating […]

Active Learning

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We are happy to share what we learned from our first Active Learning workshop held at the Australian Science and Mathematics School with 12  Year 11 & 12 Special Interest Maths and Physics students (self-rating their maths capability at 4/5).  The workshop was about engaging students with real-time data acquired, using our Live Tracker program, […]

Coolness Recognized

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There is nothing spectacular about our acceleration app. It logs acceleration and other sensor data through web pages. But what it is going to enable is the more interesting part. Every Kid can now have a lab that is significantly better than what is locked away in their school labs. To push the limits of […]

PhoneLabs wins Shuttleworth Flash Grant

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PhoneLabs just won a Shuttleworth Flash Grant to take PhoneLabs to 20 schools worldwide. The Shuttleworth Foundation was established in January 2001 by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth. This grant will facilitate a global soft launch of  PhoneLabs with interested schools that do not have proper labs in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. We will […]

PhoneLabs is ready to roll

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We have managed to get most of the classical mechanics experiments working. We are able to demonstrate simple harmonic motion using a pendulum, beam, and spring. We are able to demonstrate momentum using incline plane with toy cars carrying a lit ping pong ball. We are able to demonstrate circular motion using a bicycle wheel. […]

PhoneLabs session in Melbourne

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Glenys Thomson and Matt Verdon presented PhoneLabs in the “Improving STEM Education and Skills Conference” in Melbourne. The workshop participants were able to experience the immediate visual impact and, more importantly, saw the potential to revolutionise laboratory experiments with personalised data in an “anytime, anywhere” world.