Active Learning

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We are happy to share what we learned from our first Active Learning workshop held at the Australian Science and Mathematics School with 12  Year 11 & 12 Special Interest Maths and Physics students (self-rating their maths capability at 4/5).  The workshop was about engaging students with real-time data acquired, using our Live Tracker program, […]

Why learn with Phones ?

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It is one of those things that those who participate in our sessions never ask.  Others do. Because phones connect you directly with the phenomena you are learning about (acceleration, temperature, pressure, light, sound & magnetism) You are in control of your learning. You can continue the experiment till you understand the concepts Your learning […]

Kids love PhoneLabs

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We were happy to participate in the Adelaide Mini Maker Fair. The maker community here in Adelaide is now coming together to share and support the act of making. The event was held at Tonsley, the re-furnished Mitsubishi car plant – signaling the end of the manufacturing era in South Australia and perhaps, the birth […]

PhoneLabs is ready to roll

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We have managed to get most of the classical mechanics experiments working. We are able to demonstrate simple harmonic motion using a pendulum, beam, and spring. We are able to demonstrate momentum using incline plane with toy cars carrying a lit ping pong ball. We are able to demonstrate circular motion using a bicycle wheel. […]

Great Response @ ScienceAlive

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ScienceAlive was our first opportunity to take PhoneLabs to teachers and students of Australasia. With about 80 Schools visiting we had a good day talking to students and teachers demoing our Physic Apps all of which worked as expected. We had very little convincing to do. For most students it was obvious, using phones to study […]