Physics Wall

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Finally, we have managed to mount our 3D printed lab set on the lab wall. The advantages are many, as the lab equipment can be permanently installed, taking very little space eliminating setting up time. Students can now focus on their experiments with what we call a 3D printed starter kit made of a phone […]

Kids love PhoneLabs

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We were happy to participate in the Adelaide Mini Maker Fair. The maker community here in Adelaide is now coming together to share and support the act of making. The event was held at Tonsley, the re-furnished Mitsubishi car plant – signaling the end of the manufacturing era in South Australia and perhaps, the birth […]

PhoneLabs is ready to roll

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We have managed to get most of the classical mechanics experiments working. We are able to demonstrate simple harmonic motion using a pendulum, beam, and spring. We are able to demonstrate momentum using incline plane with toy cars carrying a lit ping pong ball. We are able to demonstrate circular motion using a bicycle wheel. […]

Great Response @ ScienceAlive

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ScienceAlive was our first opportunity to take PhoneLabs to teachers and students of Australasia. With about 80 Schools visiting we had a good day talking to students and teachers demoing our Physic Apps all of which worked as expected. We had very little convincing to do. For most students it was obvious, using phones to study […]

PhoneLabs session in Melbourne

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Glenys Thomson and Matt Verdon presented PhoneLabs in the “Improving STEM Education and Skills Conference” in Melbourne. The workshop participants were able to experience the immediate visual impact and, more importantly, saw the potential to revolutionise laboratory experiments with personalised data in an “anytime, anywhere” world.

An app we are proud of

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This is the first of our series of Web-based Lab Apps that will work on any HTML5 Browser. Please try it out: It records data, plots it online and as a bonus can also email the data in Excel format with a pre-plotted graph. This app should reduce acceleration based lab times by about 1/3 […]

End of year PhoneLabs party: 5th Dec

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We had a wonderful year PhoneLabs has progressed beyond our expectations in terms of support, funding, and team. It’s time for us to get together, have an end of year chat and discuss our future plans. We admit here, that our plans have changed – but for the better. We are now poised to work with every student […]